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Private Loft Studio


Private Studio

Book a reservation. Be Specific in what you seek.

Please see my availability. The more flexible you are with date and time, the better.
I generally find that after an hour W/we're just getting warmed up. I do offer overnight sessions to a select few that I've played with extensively. you must earn that one.
Where would you like to play? *
How much experience do you have with BDSM? *
Are you nervously exploring your desires for the first time or an experienced submissive? Knowledge is power, My pretties.
Please provide the name and contact information of two Mistresses that you have served previously. If this is your first time, please type "First Time".
Session tone *
How do you envision the tone of O/our session?
How much pain do you enjoy?
I am an ethical sadist: I enjoy inflicting pain when it's consensual and am unparalleled in My ability to dial in exactly what's desired.
Can you be marked? *
If you want caning or single-tailing, you will be marked. Other scenarios do not necessarily entail marking but I need to know. Eyes wide open, darlings.
W/we don't want any real problems, do we? If none, write "None".
Feel free to let Me know anything further about yourself and your wishes.
Do you understand that professional domination is NOT prostitution and that no sex is offered, implied, or negiotiable - ever? *